Mr. & Mrs. Rental

Light up lettering rental for cheap!

Serving the Pittsburgh area.

Gas money may be added to final pricing which will be discussed.

Yes - we will come to the Erie area depending on the weekend for an additional price!

Who doesn’t want massive Mr. & Mrs. light up letters for their wedding?!


Too bad they are around $1,000 gasp to buy! Even if you find them cheaper, it can still cost around $400-$500…then they’re taking up SO much room in your house. Not fun.


Let me make the process easy for you! I will rent out these gorgeous babies to you! For only $100! And i will take them to and from your venue AND coordinate with your venue, so you have nothing to worry about!


$25 will be due up front to hold your spot. The other $75 will be due the day of your wedding (or anytime before so you don’t have to worry!) I accept cash, Venmo’s and Paypal’s. Sorry, no checks! I’ve been burned before.


You can cancel up to 14 days out from your wedding and get your deposit back!